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Heartland CARES, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive, client-centered, quality health care, support services, prevention education, and HIV testing.  Services at Heartland CARES, Inc. are provided to all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or ability to pay.


Heartstrings: Episode 2: Suzie Webb on the Heartland CARES yard sale

Welcome to episode 2 of Heartstrings. Today, we talked with Heartland CARES Administrative Operations Manager Suzie Webb about Heartland CARES’ upcoming yard sale, which will be on Friday, September 22 from 8 AM-5 PM and Saturday, September 23 from 8 AM-2 PM at Heartland CARES’ offices in Paducah at 619 N 30th Street. Read more and listen here.

Heartland Heartbeat September 2017

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Heartland CARES Expands Client Collaboration

The mission of Heartland CARES, Inc. (HCI) is to embrace those affected by HIV/AIDS with open arms through care, prevention and community awareness. Our value statement reiterates our commitment to providing services that meet the needs of our clients, stakeholders and community as a whole with collaboration between clients, staff and the Board of Directors in improving the effectiveness of our services and activities by utilizing the opinions, experiences and expertise of each. While there…Read more.

Who is affected by HIV & AIDS?

Patients at Heartland CARES come from all walks of life and all races, ethnicities, genders, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and socio-economic groups.  While Heartland CARES does not treat children who are HIV+, we do provide support to their families and we provide support to the HIV– children of our HIV+ patients, if needed. But, it is not just individuals and families affected by HIV.  Our communities are impacted when those with chronic illnesses are unable to access care, afford their medications or maintain employment.  Heartland CARES lessens the impact for scores of communities — but we can’t do what we do without you. There are many ways to be involved in the fight to reduce the number of new HIV infections and to help those who are HIV+ to stabilize their health so they can live productive, successful lives.

Heartland CARES, Inc, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing comprehensive, client–centered, quality health care, support services, prevention education and HIV testing. HCI as an organization is committed to providing services to our clients within the realms of our approved budgets as authorized by its funding sources. As the need arises, it is necessary to explore other means of funding which may include events, sponsorship opportunities, donations or community and organization requests. All fundraising efforts made on behalf of Heartland CARES, Inc. are made in accordance with all local, state and federal guidelines. In no event, will HCI be liable or responsible or will we endorse any individual or outside entity who is attempting to raise funds for any purpose using our name or likeness without the express written consent of our Board of Directors and/or Executive Director.

We're here to help.

Heartland CARES provides medical care and a number of supportive services for individuals living with HIV and AIDS and their families.